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FARRO PASTA – Whole Emmer Wheat Pasta

Made in both the long types of pasta:
spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, tagliolini. And also in the short types: strozzapreti, pennette, sedanini, ricciutelle, fusilli, cianfrachiglie chicchi.

The wholemeal quality of stone-ground Farro that has not been sieved gives it rare balanced organoleptic qualities. These qualities can be
tasted once cooked only if one is clever enough to drain the pasta when it is very ‘al dente’, before it is cooked completely. The Pasta made from Farro does not stay firm after cooking also because the gluten of the Farro is different to that of hard wheat. Due to this diversity farro can be tolerated by people with a mild gluten allergy, even if it does not solve the intolerance problem, because it is obtained by drying at Iow temperatures. It is recommended to cook the pasta in abundant water, drain before reaching “al dente” and to flavour it using a wide pan. The ideal condiment, given the nutritional characteristics of the pasta, is a raw, plain condiment like ‘pesto alla Genovese’. It is also possible to add some diced potatoes to the cooking water which should be drained together with the pasta. It is a good idea to put a small saucepan containing some cooking water to one side to dilute the condiment and to give the pasta the necessary water content to “regrow’ after the cooking.

Linguine di Farro with anchovies (Serves 5 people) Loosen 20 anchovy fillets in a pan over a moderate flame. Add some garlic and roast it over a hot flame together with approximately 10 dried peppers and then remove from the heat. Drain 400/500 grams of linguine very ‘al dente’. Place some of the cooking water to one side. Add some grated bread directly to the pan, some cooking water and a dash of raw extra virgin olive oil.

Tagliatelle di farro with rocket (Serves 5 people) Soften 400 grams of ricotta in six spoons of olive oil using a spacious pan (preferably made from terracotta). Cook and drain 400/500 grams of tagliatelle very ‘al dente’ after having put some cooking water to one side. Add the pasta to the pan and cream all the mixture adding some cooking water if necessary. Add three bunches of finely sliced raw rocket, some grated Parmesan cheese and/or Parmesan shavings and a drop of raw oil.