Casino di Caprafico

MA’KAIRA – Paste made from Farro and Barley

Made in coarse Pasta shapes (bronze) la’gane and linguine.

In the orange packages you can find another version, always in the coarse shapes (bronzed) chitarra and linguine, made with Farro and Barley.
The presence of Beta-glucani, a characteristic of barley, contributes to the creation of a food that favours the control of cholesterol. Another important composite of the barleycorn is made up of the fat which contains Tocopherol and Tocotrienol, whose molecules are structurally bound to Vitamin E. These are antioxidant molecules capable of competing against the free radicals ( tocopherol) or more specifically tocotrienol used with pathologies such as arteriosclerosis.

For an initial taste it is recommended to use a simple condiment, possibly plain (just extra virgin olive oil, pecorino and pepper or pesto alla Genovese).
The coking time for the chitarra pasta shapes is approx. 10 minutes and 6 minutes for the linguine.
It is recommended to cook the pasta in abundant water, drain it before it is cooked “ al dente” and to season it using a wide pan.