the products

Casino di Caprafico has produced artisanal pasta since the 1990s, using less cultivated cereals and in particular ancient ones like farro (Emmer Wheat) and orzo mondo (Hulled Barley).

The resulting whole-grain products are particularly nutritious and can be enjoyed by those suffering from minor gluten intolerances.

In addition to producing both short and long pasta shapes, Casino di Caprafico also sells farro flour, roasted orzo mondo powder for caffè d’orzo (barley coffee) and herbal teas, whole-grain cereals and legumes for tasty soups, as well as extra virgin olive oil.

the farm

Giacomo Santoleri’s farm is located in Guardiagrele, a small town near Chieti in the Italian region of Abruzzo, inside the Parco Nazionale della Majella.

Known as Mother of the Mountain by locals, the Majella massif makes for a stunning setting for the farm.
The name of the farm, Casino di Caprafico, comes from the rural building, or casino, built on the plains of Caprafico in 1832 by the Santoleri family.

the recipes

Casino di Caprafico products are known for their flavor and versatility. In this section of our website, you will find recipes shared with us by friends and chefs.

We are grateful for their contribution.


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