a naturally organic farm

The Casino di Caprafico farm covers an area of 130 hectares, 70 of which are planted with cereals, legumes and olive trees. Since the beginning, the farm’s focus has been to
improve local agricultural products and develop cultivation techniques that respect both the products and the ecosystem. The uncontaminated land is ideal place for cultivating ancient grains without the use of pesticides and other synthetic chemical products. Since the ‘90s, the Casino di Caprafico has followed organic farming practices and continues to do so today, even if hasn’t requested official certification since 2016.


Casino di Caprafico grows cereals, legumes and olives organically without the use of pesticides and respecting the cycles of nature. Towards the end of the 1980s and into the 1990s, Giacomo Santoleri devoted himself tirelessly not only to the search
for ancient cereals, but also to identifying small, artisanal companies able to process his raw materials while employing his same values of professionalism, respect for tradition, research and innovation.
For example, his farro and orzo mondo (Hulled Barley) are peeled, then stone-ground and kept in temperature-controlled storage areas rather than being sprayed with pesticides. The grains are then sent to be converted into pasta using artisanal methods that involve slow drying at low temperature to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials. The orzo mondo is toasted using an indirect flame and ground in small quantities, based on years of experience and traditions consolidated over time that enhance the unique organoleptic characteristics of the hulled barley. 

Again, to avoid the use of pesticides, the processing of chickpeas and lentils involves their sorting supplemented by treatments with CO2 or freezing. His olives are harvested, then washed, pressed and stirred prior to the oil extraction at low temperature in order to avoid oxidation as much as possible. The resulting olive oil is stored under nitrogen. 

The basic idea is to create a virtuous circle in which each company contributes its know-how in the various stages of production with the aim of obtaining an excellent final product both in terms of taste and nutrition.

For additional nutritional information, consult individual product descriptions