Tisana – Ground Roasted Barley

Ingredient: Ground Roasted Hulled Barley

A new presentation of ground roasted hulled barley has recently been produced in filter bags, like those usually used for tea. The filter bags are made with PLA, which is an innovative bioplastic 100% biodegradable, TNT untreated and glue-free. Each sachet is protected by an aroma-saving wrapping.

Each filter bag contains 8 g of the product and should be used to infuse for 4/5 minutes in a cup containing about 150 cc of boiling water.


tiʃàna s. f. [from Lat. tisăna, variant of ptisăna, and this from the Greek πτισάνη “hulled barley and decoction of barley”, derived from πτίσσω “hull, peel”]

Properly, barley decoction; more generally, a medicinal type infusion used as a sedative or emollient, already known to the ancient Greeks as Hippocrates’ herbal tea.


Box containing 12 filters (8 g) 96 e