Minestre – Kit 3

“SOUPS” is made up of 12 assorted packs of our cereals, our legumes and our whole emmer wheat pasta, perfect to prepare tasty soups, with the addition of our whole emmer wheat pasta in long shapes.

In particular, the selection of this KIT consists of:

    • one of FARRICELLO (Broken emmer wheat)
    • one of LENTILS,
    • one of CHICKPEAS
    • one of SFARRATA (mix of the previous products where the chickpeas are broken)
    • a package of whole emmer wheat pasta called WHOLE EMMER GRAINS
    • two of SPAGHETTI PASTA of whole emmer wheat
    • one of LINGUINE PASTA of whole emmer wheat 
    • one of TAGLIATELLE of whole emmer wheat


    However, when ordering, we reserve the right to change the compositions of the standard selection defined above according to the availability of pasta shapes.