Farro spaghetti with roasted barley, anchovy purée, and cod bottarga

Chef Massimiliano Alajmo – Le Calandre (PD)


Anchovy cream

90 g oil-packed Cantabrian anchovies
90 g cold hen broth
75 g breadcrumbs (from naturally leavened durum wheat bread)
65 g breadcrumbs (from naturally leavened whole wheat bread)
50 g cold still mineral water 4 g simple syrup (40° density)

Drain oil from anchovies and blend with the rest of the ingredients. Transfer purée to a Pacojet container, freeze to -20°C/-68°F, and pacotize until creamy. Transfer to a pastry bag.

Barley coffee reduction

80 g Orzo Mondo (toasted ground barley) from Casino di Caprafico
750 g hot water

Brew barley coffee, pour into a saucepan, and reduce until syrupy.

Parmigiano sauce

150 g fresh heavy cream
3 g potato starch, diluted with a little cold water
100 g Parmigiano Reggiano, grated
vegetable broth, as needed

Boil cream for 2 minutes and reduce to 130 g. Bind with diluted starch and, off the heat, add Parmigiano. Whisk, then emulsify with an immersion blender, adding a little vegetable broth if necessary.



320 g farro spaghetti from Casino di Caprafico
25 g delicate extra-virgin olive oil 30 g salt-packed capers, desalted 2 g dried oregano
1 g fresh chile peppers, chopped
4 g Orzo Mondo (toasted ground barley) from Casino di Caprafico

Boil spaghetti for 5 minutes and sauté in a pan with olive oil, capers, oregano, chile pepper, and roasted barley.


To finish

100 g Parmigiano sauce
20 g barley coffee reduction 30 g anchovy cream
1 g dried oregano
8 salt-packed capers, desalted
1 g organic, roasted ground barley (Casino di Caprafico brand)
16 g smoked cod bottarga, sliced


On a warm oval plate, spread 1 tbsp Parmigiano sauce and top with a couple of drops of barley coffee reduction. Lay spaghetti on top, garnish with 4 small dabs of anchovy cream, dried oregano, barley coffee reduction, capers, roasted barley, and sliced bottarga. Finish with a couple of drops of Parmigiano sauce.