casino di caprafico

Our Farm stretches out over the hilly terrain of the Guardiagrele countryside. The main part of the farrn, Iocated on the Plains of Caprafico, consists of a “Lodge” that was built in the last century. The Company produces cereal, legumes and olives and its main objective is to enhance the value of the produce.This is done by taking extreme care in the choice of the varieties, the cultivation techniques and the transformation of its products by following and rediscovering traditional methods from the Mediterranen. Furthermore, the rediscovery of ancient vegetal varieties allows us to do without the use of phytochemicals and other synthetic chemical products. The reconversion to biological production was carried out under the control of the AMAB (Mediterranean Association of Biological Farming), currently known as the IMC (Mediterranean Institute of Certification), and was concluded in 1996.

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